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Thank you

This is for all people out there
who show us why life is worth living
and who bring us back the hope we once had

I know someone like that and I wanna
let him know that I´m thankful for
everything he is for me

Thank you,
I´m grateful to got you
The angels are with you
because they led you to me
All demons vanish
Peace is approaching
This is for real
cuz all fakes dissapear

I know I´m still living in the past
and I´m not thankful for what I got
Although I know the same I knew before
that the immense love what I´m given here on earth
is coming right from above
But denying this truth I`m just a fool
living a lie, I´m chased by a manipulated mind
through space and time
All the sanity gives satisfaction in the daylight
So I dont even recognize a human smile

But when we met I felt it was something different
cuz there was a fresh breeze of joy
blowing from your soul
which gave me
reasons again to remember the love from heaven

Blessed to be your friend
is something precious
which is not for granted
Because of that I wanna thank you
for all the love and joy I share with you


Day or night nevermind
I know we are connected through the sky
there´s no way to break this line...this seal

We all hope and believe dreams will come true
otherwise we would die
so either we are friends forever or never

Copyright by Tihana alias. Soulpacifica
This song is dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend

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March 16, 2013
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