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Lost Cry (Lyrics)
Lost cry
When was the day you throw your soul away?
I hear your words: "it will take some days
'til I will find my way"
Meanwhile I've heard you cry,
I've heard your lies,
I've saw you trying to be
the contradiction to what you've promised me
Once you want freedom
Once you want the cage
Peace is something you don't really want to have
The burden is heavy,
the love went away
what am I able to change?
I know that you deny your heritage, but the apple does not fall far from the tree
You say that your fears, they won't fade away,
but you fail to realize you're the only who is feeding them
I am here to carry your soul,
to heal your wounds,
to warm up your heart again
even the coldest nights are approaching you
The burden is heavy,
the love went away
what am I able to change?
The ocean is too deep...
I can't grasp for air...
The nightmares are chasing me,
I can't wake up, can't find the shore,
the place, to warm up my heart again
I can't let it go, I ve fallen so low
The ocean is t
:iconsoulpacifica:soulpacifica 1 3
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A while ago, I came across these two great apps: Meritum Paint (…)
and Procreate (…)

The brushes in the Meritum app are an inspiration for themselves since they create an image even before you have finished your drawing movement. The Neon brush (in Splash Mode), which I mostly use, gives every drawing a special looks like a fractal and gives a psychedelic touch too. I didn't use any of the apps to the fullest extent and I am already thrilled with all the options they have to offer.

Here are my experiments made in both apps :

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The resting couple 2 by soulpacifica The mermaid underwater by soulpacifica The loving couple 2 by soulpacifica Neon Angel by soulpacifica Empress of China by soulpacifica 

Be wise as serpents... by soulpacifica The Angel's Prayer by soulpacifica

Tango by soulpacifica


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